A server software reimplementation for a certain anime game.
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Discord - Grasscutter

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Attention: We always welcome contributors to the project. Before adding your contribution, please carefully read our Code of Conduct.

Current features

  • Logging in
  • Combat
  • Friends list
  • Teleportation
  • Gacha system
  • Co-op partially works
  • Spawning monsters via console
  • Inventory features (receiving items/characters, upgrading items/characters, etc)

Quick setup guide

Note: For support please join our Discord.



Note: If you updated from an older version, delete config.json to regenerate it.

  1. Get grasscutter.jar
  2. Create a resources folder in the directory where grasscutter.jar is located and move your BinOutput, ExcelBinOutput, Readables, Scripts, Subtitle, TextMap folders there (Check the wiki for more details how to get those.)
  3. Run Grasscutter with java -jar grasscutter.jar. Make sure mongodb service is running as well.

Connecting with the client

½. Create an account in the server console using this command.

  1. Redirect traffic: (choose one only)

    • mitmdump: mitmdump -s proxy.py -k

      • Trust CA certificate:

        • The CA certificate is usually stored in %USERPROFILE%\.mitmproxy, double click mitmproxy-ca-cert.cer to install or...

        • Via command line (needs administration privileges)

          certutil -addstore root %USERPROFILE%\.mitmproxy\mitmproxy-ca-cert.cer
    • Fiddler Classic: Run Fiddler Classic, turn on Decrypt HTTPS traffic in (Tools -> Options -> HTTPS) and change the default port in (Tools -> Options -> Connections) to anything other than 8888, load this script (copy and paste the script in the FiddlerScript tab) and click the Save Script button.

    • Hosts file

  2. Set network proxy to or the proxy port you specified.

  • For mitmproxy: After setting up the network proxy and installing the certificate, check http://mitm.it/ if traffic is passing through mitmproxy.

You can also use start.cmd to start servers and proxy daemons automatically, but you have to set up JAVA_HOME environment and configure the start_config.cmd file.


Grasscutter uses Gradle to handle dependencies & building.


git clone https://github.com/Grasscutters/Grasscutter.git
cd Grasscutter
.\gradlew.bat # Setting up environments
.\gradlew jar # Compile
Linux (GNU)
git clone https://github.com/Grasscutters/Grasscutter.git
cd Grasscutter
chmod +x gradlew
./gradlew jar # Compile

You can find the output jar in the root of the project folder.


For a list of common issues and solutions and to ask for help, please join our Discord server and go to the support channel.